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Periodical Summaries 2000

Paul A. Ellis, Jr., Esq., Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Civil Service Legislation Violates Equal Protection Principles of Pa. Constitution, 2 No. 22 Lawyers J., November, 2000: discusses the case of DeFazio v. Civil Service Commission, 756 A.2d 1103 (Pa. 2000), in which the Supreme Court held that legislation directed specifically at the Sheriff’s Office of Allegheny County was unconstitutional because it violated equal protection under Art. 3, section 32 of the Pennsylvania Constitution.

Jennifer R. Minter, Recent Developments in Pennsylvania Constitutional Law, 38 Duq. L.Rev. 3 (Spring, 2000).

Russell M. Nigro, Justice, Pennsylvania Supreme Court, The Importance of Interpretive Theory in State Constitutional Law, 72 Temple L.Rev. 905 (Fall, 2000).

Loren D. Prescott, Jr., Pennsylvania Charities, Tax Exemption, and the Institutions of Purely Public Charity Act, 72 Temple L.Rev. 951 (Fall, 2000).

Kathryn Wakefield, Just-in-time legislation: Do Corporation-Specific Statutes Violate State Constitutional Provisions on Special Legislation?, 61 U.Pitt. L. Rev. 843 (2000): discusses the constitutionality of Pennsylvania’s takeover laws.