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Periodical Summaries 2006

Note, Recent Decisions, Jeffrey Hantz reviews Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission v. Commonwealth, 899 A.2d 1085 (Pa. 2006), 45 Duq. L. Rev. 97 (2006).

Michael D. Gilbert, Single Subject Rules and the Legislative Process, 67 U. Pitt. L. Rev. 803 (2006), discusses the single subject rule by history and policy, not just in Pennsylvania.

Kyu Ho Youm, Recent Rulings Weaken Neutral Reportage Defense, 27 Newspaper Research Journal 58, 2006 WLNR 22788574 (2006), discusses denial of certiorari in, and doctrinal background of, Norton v. Glenn, 860 A.2d 48 (Pa. 2004).

Robert Frankhouser, The Enforceability of Pre-Dispute Jury Waiver Agreements in Employment Discrimination Cases, 8 Duq. Bus. L. J. 55 (2006): “reviews the current federal and Pennsylvania case law and concludes that pre-dispute jury waiver agreements under current federal and Pennsylvania Constitutional and statutory law are enforceable in employment discrimination cases.”

Note, Partisan Gerrymandering Challenges in Light of Vieth v Jubelirer: A First Amendment Alternative, 15 Temp. Pol. & Civ. Rts. L. Rev. 287 (2005), by Timothy D. Caum II, discusses, in part, potential availability of Pennsylvania Constitution challenge against partisan gerrymandering.

Comment, State of Secrecy: The Fall and Potential Re-emergence of Lobbying Disclosure in Pennsylvania, 15 Temp. Pol. & Civ. Rts L. Rev. 199 (2005), by Danielle N. Rodier, discusses the prospects for lobbying regulation in Pennsylvania in light of the constitutional authority of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Joseph W. Dellapenna, Developing a Suitable Water Allocation law for Pennsylvania, 17 Vill. Envtl. L. J. 1 (2006) discusses water allocation in a broad framework, including Pennsylvania constitutional implications.

Peter Asselin, Supporting the Home Team…In More Ways Than One: An Analysis of the Public Financing of Philadelphia’s New Sports Stadia, 3 Rutgers J. L. & Urb. Pol’y 389 (2006): student note examines the financing of the stadia including questions of constitutionality.

Comment, Marcy L. McCullough, Prescribing Arbitration to Cure the Common Crisis: Developing Legislation to Facilitate Arbitration as an Alternative to Litigating Medical Malpractice Disputes in Pennsylvania, 110 Penn St. L. Rev. 809 (2006): includes discussion of the implication of Pennsylvania Constitution for limits on damages.

William Boak, Benedictine Sisters of Pittsburgh: the Continuing Development of a Practical Approach to Property Tax Exemption, 15 Widener L.J. 477 (2006), discusses the Benedictine Sisters case, 844 A.2d 86 (2004).

Kathleen B. Foltz, Two Steps Forward and One Step Back: The Pennsylvania Supreme Court Dances Around Equal Rights for “Life Partners,”  15 Widener L.J. 409 (2006), discusses Devlin v. City of Philadelphia, 862 A.2d 1234 (Pa. 2004).